Why should I do my homework? Many students will often ask this particular question. It is a trend for teachers to give students homework. However, different students, parents, or guardians have varied views on homework in a student’s life.

While some see homework as a bad approach to helping students learn, some actually view homework positively as a strategy that helps students understand a given concept better. In this write-up, we feature the importance of homework and why students should view the move positively, especially in relation to their studying routines.

Why do we have homework? Reasons to do homework

Before we highlight top homework benefits, maybe you are wondering why do homework when you can simply attend classes and understand everything. Well, teachers give homework to students because of reasons such as:

  • Homework helps teachers evaluate the understanding level of students

Students understand different concepts at different rates. Therefore, teachers give students homework to determine the efforts to give individual students that will foster equal understanding.

  • To encourage parent’s involvement in a student’s life

It is through homework that some parents will get to notice the academic progress of their students. Complex homework will force the student to seek further help from their parents or guardians, therefore, strengthening their bond.

Homework is good for students: why homework is important

Are you still asking yourself, is homework necessary? Well, the importance of homework will be seen in different ways, as highlighted below:

  1. Helps in memory improvement

When a student re-visit the concepts and ideas learned in class, they understand better while improving their memory.

  1. Students learn time-management skills

With homework tasks and other activities at home, students get to learn how to arrange their tasks and manage their time effectively. This is a significant skill, especially after school when in their professional areas.

  1. Homework helps students learn how to use research materials

Homework is a perfect way for students to explore research and learning materials, such as using textbooks and exploring the internet to get solutions to questions.

  1. Homework helps students use their time effectively

Too much free time can make students engage in unlawful or unproductive activities. However, with homework in the picture, students won’t have extra hours doing irrelevant activities.

  1. Improves concentration

When doing homework, students learn to concentrate better since they are always isolated in a calm environment, thus developing strong concentration skills.

  1. Homework helps students score higher

Through homework, students have more time to explore the ideas they already learned in school. Therefore, the more they explore different subjects, the more they understand and thus contribute to improved grades when doing an exam.

  1. Homework prepares students for the next class

When doing homework, students embrace the idea of self-study, which creates confidence in students and clears any doubts as they prepare to face the next class.

  1. Homework helps students learn new ideas

Homework will direct students to use different resources to do research. In the process of researching, students are likely to find new ideas and be encouraged to explore such ideas, thus a better learning and understanding experience.

  1. Homework helps students learn problem-solving skills

During homework time, a student can face a challenging question that requires creative thinking. Therefore, a student can apply different approaches to find a solution to such a question, thus learning effective ways how to solve problems.


Do you enjoy doing homework? Well, as a student, you need to start viewing homework positively. However, if you always find it hard to concentrate or do homework, start by changing your perspective about homework, and you will start enjoying the benefits mentioned above.