The internet has simplified many sectors, including education. Students can now use the internet to improve the overall learning experience and become even more productive. Despite the course a student is undertaking, they can always find credible information and resources to use while studying and revising. All they need is a smart gadget, be it a smartphone or a laptop, and a perfect internet, then the rest is a simple procedure to follow.

Google education apps, for instance, help students in learning since they can organize their notes, ask questions and get instant answers, and perform many other useful tasks in relation to effective learning.

Popular education apps

There are different education apps for students that have different features and functionalities to help students in their learning processes. Some of these google education applications include:

  • Google Classroom
  • Google Scholar
  • Google Books
  • Khan Academy
  • Evernote
  • Duolingo
  • BrainPOP
  • Quizlet
  • EDX

There are many other pro apps for education, some specifically for kids, some for students & teachers, and apps for academic writing purposes.

Getting started with google apps for education: pro tips

For instance, if you have an academic writing app or any other app that will help you with the learning process, what tips can you put in place to make sure the app is productive and valuable to your learning experience? Let’s find out the tips below.

  1. Always check Google apps for education review

Depending on the purpose you want the app to help you, make sure you download the right app. You can achieve this by checking reviews of the app and what other users have to say about the app.

  1. Group Projects

As a student, you will always have different projects to handle. With Google apps for education, you can manage your projects effectively by grouping them for easy access and management, especially when meeting deadlines.

  1. Consider platform-agnostic apps

These apps simply mean they will work on all operating systems. For instance, if you switch from iOS, the app will still work perfectly with the Android system.

  1. Always stay patient

Some apps are quite productive but can take you a lot of time before they stabilize. Do not rule out an app from the word go. Give it time.

  1. Use pre-defined templates

When using Google education apps, you can save time by using available templates when working on and organizing your projects.

  1. Be ready for changes

With Google education applications, you can expect constant changes and updates. While you will be used to specific features, always be ready to embrace any changes and adjustments made to the applications.

  1. Use the calendar to set schedules

As a student, you will always have several tasks to meet. With the education applications, you can always use the calendar feature to plan and manage your tasks effectively.

  1. Join live tutoring

Once you have the educational app, you can improve your understanding of a certain concept by joining a live tutoring program. For instance, you will get useful insights on writing essays through apps for academic writing.

  1. Share schoolwork instantly

Through Google applications, you can work on any assignment from any place and share your files and documents once done. This gives the student a chance to get instant feedback from the teacher and more advice where necessary.

  1. Use the apps to store information

Google apps will allow you to secure information through digital storage. With such information, you can access it anywhere whenever you need it.

  1. Create journals

You don’t need to carry many books for revision purposes. With Google apps, you can simply create a personalized journal to keep track of your academic work.

  1. Give reviews

With the apps, you can speak your mind by giving reviews on your thoughts about a certain concept.

  1. Creating self-grading questions

Instant questions with answers are the best way to learn and master a concept. You can use the apps to create such questions as you improve your studying habits.  

  1. Access class notes

There could come a time when you miss a class. You always catch up with the updates through Google education apps.

  1. Participate in real-time discussion

An online and interactive class is the best option for a student who wants to improve their studying experience. Therefore, you can take part in such discussions through educational apps.


Have you tried using Google apps when studying? Well, try and incorporate the above concepts and ideas and see a great improvement when studying.