Dear Public Education Advocate: Let’s create a movement

Dear Public Education Advocate:

At this moment…Let’s create a movement. Public education is under attack and now more than ever, we believe public education stakeholders must come together with a shared voice and proclaim their success in educating generations of Pennsylvanians. It’s time for you to tell your school entity’s story!

This movement starts with PSBA’s “Stand Up for Public Education” campaign, which will provide the tools your local school district needs to counter the few vocal critics who portray our schools as failing. We all know nothing could be further from the truth.

On this Stand Up For Public Education website you will find:

Help us share the stories by spreading the word to both internal stakeholders (school board members, professional staff, support staff, administrators, parents, teachers, retired teachers and students) and external stakeholders (community, legislators, media, business community, local government, senior citizens).

Your leadership as a public education advocate for your community school is critical – now more than ever. We are counting on you to share your school entities’ successes. Thank you for telling your story!


Marianne L. Neel, 2011 PSBA President
Thomas J. Gentzel, PSBA Executive Director

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